Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back To Reality - Post Olympics

Sadly, my month at the Olympics has ended. I am immeasurably proud to be Canadian, wow! It will go down as one of the most exciting times of my life, an incredible once in a lifetime experience that I will keep forever with me in memory and photographs.

Unexpectedly, I was gifted a ticket to the opening ceremony on February 12, and I am so honored to have witnessed part of Olympic history! The highlight for me, aside from the incredible visual displays, talented dancers and actors, the buzz and energy from the athletes and 60,000 fellow spectators, was seeing the cauldron come to life. I am truly in awe of everything Olympics.

My favorite performance of the evening was K.D. Lang's performance of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Her version of that song always moves me to my core, so to see it live and at such an event was overwhelming and enchanting.

As a tribute to my time at the Olympics, I will leave a new post every day for the next several days, to update you all on some of the things I was able to see and do. As a side note, I have 500+ photos!

For my first posting, I will share the things I saw before the games kicked off, my findings from wandering around the city. And let me just start by saying, wow, we could not possibly have had better weather! Oh man, it was really hard to believe I was at the "winter" games...

One of my favorite things to look up and see (besides blue sky and sunshine!) was all the building art around the city. A beautiful and unique way to show pride for our country and support of our athletes:

Granville Street, which looks like a ghost town in some of these photos, housed arts, culture and performers all hours of the day and night:

I loved these lanterns, they were so much prettier at night:

The official clock counting down to the big day.


  1. It must have been so exciting to be at the opening ceremonies! I adore all of these pictures, seeing how Vancouver was transformed for this major world event. As I stated in the more recent post, I'd love to see more pictures of British Columbia. xo, Christine