Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My First Facebook Giveaway!

At a friend's urging, I started a Facebook group to share recipes and tips and I'm nearing a hundred members, so I challenged my group to raise it to two hundred, with a reward of a draw for Martha Stewart's Cupcakes. I don't think it's going to take long to get there!

The group is called Bakealicious! and it's really starting to take off. It's an open group and anyone can join, so please feel free to do so - and maybe you'll win a great book!


  1. i liked your blog! you might want to check out They post some wonderful recipes you might like trying.

  2. Hey Cristin, congratulations on getting so many members. Perhaps you should add a facebook badge on your page, to gain more visibility. I'll join!

  3. Guess Who: Thank you! I think I've seen that blog before, but I just added it to my favorites, there are definitely some great recipes available there!

    Fresh Local and Best: I'm not sure how to add a facebook badge, if you have any pointers I'd appreciate the help! And thanks for joining!